Call me butch, but I like to lift weights with the boys. Contrary to the majority of the female population at UNC-CH, I am comfortable doing my physical fitness routine on the first floor of the SRC.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Even if you’re not interested in working out, you should check out the SRC for a first hand glance of a blatant sexual dichotomy. There is a stark juxtaposition on the downstairs level of the SRC: the girls pounding away on the treadmills on one side of the room; the guys lifting weights on the other side. The girls watch the boys. The boys watch the girls. Both sexes watch themselves in the mirror. Everyone is hot and sweaty and pushing themselves to the furthest extent of their endurance.

The sexual tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

It makes sense really. Why do people go to the gym? They want to look good naked. Why do people wear minimal and often form fitting clothing at the gym? It’s easier to move in, it’s comfortable and oh yeah, check out that girl’s tight butt.

Really though, my favorite scene in the gym is the big, Schwarzenegger-looking character who works out every day and every day, he checks to see how much his beloved muscles have grown by blatantly flexing for himself in the mirror.

In the middle of the gym.

I’ve really never understood this phenomenon. Sure, this audacious jock wants his muscles to look like the guy on the protein powder package but can he not adore himself in the privacy of his own room? Away from the judgmental fitness and societal critics (yours truly) who will label him a narcissistic imbecile? No, he needs to ensure that tight butt girl can see how big his muscles are too.

The guys aren’t the only culprits of hot bodily manifestations though. Girls often choose to stretch out their gluteus maximus on the mats conveniently located right next to the squat rack.

But not everyone feels hot in their workout gear. The effects of the sexuality radiating from the SRC are actually twofold —some embrace it while others run from it. Many self conscious girls prefer to wear short skirts and makeup in front of guys instead of t-shirts and sweat. Solution? The second floor of the SRC.

So is this sexist? Are we really incapable of feeling comfortable engaging in strenuous physical activity in the presence of the opposite sex?


We are young, healthy, hormonal and all too observant at times. Therefore we have no choice but to continue working out amidst the waves of sexual energy. After all, we have to get our motivation from somewhere.

By Mary Lide Parker