Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is as excited as I am about this mini-break. I can’t wait to finally get some home cooked meals and to actually spend time with my family. And that’s exactly what I plan to do — spend time with my family and that’s what you should be doing as well.

I know it’s easy to be tempted into using this break as a way to catch up on all your work or to get some extra studying in for the exams. However, there is going to be plenty of time to work and study between now and the end of the semester. I urge you to actually use this time to catch up with family and old friends.

Be lazy, eat too much food, gossip nonstop, and sleep to your hearts content. Monday will be here before you know it and then you can start freaking out over that Chem exam! But for Thanksgiving, relax and keep it chill.

By Brittany Murphy