As the television writers’ strike continues and we, the viewers, watch our last new episodes of hospital dramas before being buried by a sea of re-runs, it’s no surprise that people are beginning to wonder where they will be able to turn for new, original entertainment.

Enter YouTube. Sure, YouTube has been around for a while now, but it always had to compete with…well, actual television. But with writers on strike and television production at stand-still, it is YouTube’s moment to shine. Now instead of turning on the TV every Tuesday at eight, Wednesday at ten, and Thursday at 9, viewers can feel free to turn to their computers any time of day.

Some may have their doubts about YouTube filling the void of their favorite TV shows, but there are so many videos — there’s a 10-minute-or-less clip for everyone. There are gay teenage boys gossiping about celebrities, homeless people playing instruments, bored college students brainstorming new ways to consume alcohol, or, the classic, people hurting themselves while trying to look cool — basically, everything you would find on national television… right?

OK, so maybe YouTube isn’t a perfect substitute for TV, but things could be worse. After all, if you don’t find something to watch, you can just make your own video, post it and watch that. Basically, television writers better make amends quickly, because YouTube is ready to step in.

By Rachel Scall