Calling all English speaking people — yes, that is everyone reading this right now — it has come to my attention that those red marks scrawled across your paper by your high school English teacher just weren’t enough to make you realize the error of your ways.

Now, I understand I may be resurfacing some pretty awful memories from those days when educators actually took off points for grammar mistakes… but this is a pretty serious issue, and I will not rest until it is adequately addressed.

You are probably tired of reading this already. You are probably wondering when I am going to get to the point . You’re hopefully going to get what I’m saying soon. And I’m sure your friends correct you on AIM all the time.

I know this sounds like the silliest pet peeve to have, but it really bothers me. When someone misuse your and you’re, I cannot help but to think them a complete and utter fool. And even for those who you are enlightened enough to practice the difference between you’re and your, do not think it beneath you to politely correct others. They will appreciate it, and so will their high school English teacher.

By Anika Anand