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Eight things to do while you’re a freshman

Freshman year gets mixed reviews: some people cannot wait for it to be over, so that they are no longer the lowest on the totem pole. Other people, like me, would stay freshmen forever, because who really wants to graduate anyway? Here are eight simple things to do your freshman year to ensure that you never want to leave:

1. Ride the P2P as many times as possible.
Even if you don’t have a destination, the P2P is ALWAYS a party.
2. Go to games other than basketball and football.
UNC-CH has a lot of good sports—try checking out soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and (my personal favorite) field hockey.
3. Get involved.
If a club or organization sounds even mildly interesting to you, give it a shot. The more organizations you join, the more people you are bound to meet.
4. Love basketball.
If you don’t already of course. I came to Chapel Hill having never watched a basketball game in its entirety. Now, if I miss the first five minutes of a game it is as if the world is ending.
5. Live on South Campus.
After all, it is the freshman experience.
6. Take a first-year seminar.
These classes are generally pretty easy and pretty interesting.
7. Hang out in the quad.
UNC-CH really feels like a community when the weather is warm and everyone is outside in the quad. Bring a Frisbee to play with or a blanket to sit on and just enjoy being in Chapel Hill.

By Rachel Scall

I figured I would take this opportunity to own up: it was I who said “I really need to start wearing my glasses so I can judge people,” as overheard in the April 2008 issue. Yes, I was overheard and exposed by the very magazine I write for.

Before anyone starts to believe that I really have been wearing my glasses more in order to pass judgment, know that that was most definitely a sarcastic comment, like most things I say. I guess everyone can learn from this—be careful what you say, Blue & White may be listening.

By Rachel Scall


In general, CTOPS is pretty simple—meet some new friends, fill out some paperwork, etc. And then there’s registering for classes. I remember how lost I was when I had to register for the first time, so here are some pointers for all you incoming first years:

1. Don’t expect to get every class you want. Unfortunately, you are in fact first years, and you are also the last class to register for Fall ’08. This means you may be stuck with an 8 a.m. Spanish class and a math class that you detest, but just remember: next year you get to register before a whole new class.

2. Make a LONG list of classes you may want to take. You don’t want to be desperately searching for classes at the last minute just to get your required 12 hours.

3. If you’re not so sure about what you’ve picked out, remember that there is a drop/add period before classes actually begin.

4. Take a first year seminar—the workloads are generally not bad, and the classes themselves are usually very interesting.

5. Don’t be afraid of registering for a class just because you heard it was hard. A lot of times people exaggerate and certain classes pick up bad reputations. If a class looks interesting to you, don’t shy away from it because you heard it requires writing a few papers; it is better to be interested in what you are learning than bored to tears.

Good luck!

By Rachel Scall