In my opinion…

Facebookers should be able to choose which version they like better, and stick with that version. As if college students aren’t already bogged down with reading, schoolwork, studying, partying and the occasional Time Out visit. The last thing we need is the chance to procrastinate as we try to navigate the new F-book.

There are hundreds of topics that are more crucial to the well being of the world right now. But how many times have you heard people in class or around the pit say, “Facebook switched me!”, “Where are my bumper stickers?” or “Dude, I heard there was a link to get it back to the old one.” Albeit a little ridiculous and over ridiculed, but at some point in the past two weeks, the new version of Facebook has popped up in our everyday lives.

I’m just saying the Facebook democracy should understand the urgency and high demand for a pro-choice version before I spend any more of my time complaining about, or trying to figure out, the new Facebook.

By Tricia Thompson