It takes a good deal of restraint to respond to ignorance in a positive way. Humor can take the edge off, ignoring the situation may be the safest route, but unfortunately violence is often the reaction to the pontification of a one-sided party. No, I am not referring to Sarah Palin’s performance in the VP debates last Thursday. Instead I return to the age-old UNC debate of what to do with these overbearing Pit Preachers.

As most of you know, due to the DTH’s excellent coverage of the scandal, Brother Micah was slapped across the face by an irate student on Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2008.  Brother Micah is not UNC’s first overzealous evangelical Christian crazy man to haunt the bricks of the lower quad. Upperclassmen all remember Gary Birdsong’s fire and brimstone tactics before he was removed from the pit last March. For 20 years the condescension of his bushy eyebrows and the narrowness of his views have permeated the monotonous class schedules of Chapel Hill students.

Birdsong toed the line, made people uncomfortable, expressed beliefs that neither I nor the majority of my friends share, and generally made an ass of himself. However, he did so by speaking his mind in a public venue where no one is required to stay and listen. Brother Micah is a man of the same cloth. Whether he alluded to sexual abuse in the student’s past or once again called someone a sinful heathen of sorts, the violence was completely uncalled for and demeans the accused student’s point of view. Had the aforementioned student responded with eloquence instead of the palm of his hand, we would all have a little more respect for him instead of pity for Brother Micah.

We can’t all be Tina Fey. A biting and satirical exposé of our ignorant adversaries is not always an option. So if SNL is not going to be hiring you anytime soon, be the bigger man and just walk away.

By Madeleine Clark