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Girl 1: I was looking in the mirror and I realized… I so need to get my eyebrows done today.
Girl 2: Oh, yeah, me, too. And as soon as I get them done, I’m going to be ahhh pretty!

Girl 1:
I have to get into Chem232 in order to get to med school next year.
Girl 2: Hey, I like this, I have connections.
Boy: Hah, what?
Girl 2: She’s my doctor, she’s my dentist and you can be my financial analyst.
Girl 3: Wait. What about me?
Girl 2: Oh, yeah, true. Well, I guess you could be my psychologist when I get older.

Girl 1: OK, I have to go to class now.
Friends: [silence]
Girl 1: I want you to get up and walk me to class. I’m asking you. Will you get up and walk me to class?
Girl 2: OK. Well we’re all sitting here.
Girl 1: Well, what am I going to do!? Ergh. You mean I have to walk to class by myself?

By Shannon Spain