Girl: So what’s up for Saturday?
Boy: Oh yea, it should be good…I’m sorry you’re not invited to this. It’s very segregated, a boys-only thing. Girls are disgusting, you know?

Boy 1: Hey tell me what happened. I got your text that was like “f*** I’ve been arrested”
Boy 2: You were arrested?!?
Boy 3: Yeeaaa…

Girl 1: It kills me when people spend money on drugs.
Boy: That’s why I’m trying to make some money.
Girl 1: So you can spend it on drugs?
Boy: uh…
Girl 2: I hate people, they’re so dumb.

Girl 1: Hey!
Girl 2: What’s up?
Girl 1: Every time I see you you’re sad.
Girl 2: Every time you see me I’m either in Carroll or thinking about going to Carroll.
Girl 1: Aren’t you a journalism major though?
Girl 2: yea…

Girl: You know the lollipops that destroy the roof of your mouth?
Boy: Uh… blow pops?
Girl: Well yea, there are lots of them that do it. They tear up your mouth for like two days. But I do it anyways.