Snow is not a common phenomenon in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. So let’s be honest: when it snows, we want to enjoy it because, as much as we hate to admit it, we will never be too old to play in the snow. There is something about the white, sparkly powder covering the dull browns of winter that really does transform the world into a Winter Wonderland.

Unlike our fellow college students down the road at Duke, however, UNC-Chapel Hill felt that it was necessary to “enhance our learning” by sending us to class on a day where all we wanted to do was be kids with limitless imaginations of all that can be done in the snow. To be quite honest, the decision to keep us in school was not the cleverest. Yes, half of the class showed up, but did they really pay attention? Or were the student’s thoughts on the tiny snowflakes that were still falling outside, on the snowmen that were not being built, or on the group of boys that like to run around in their boxers when it snows?

So while my friends at Duke were sending me text messages about their snow day, I sat in class, staring out of the window, thinking that maybe I should have gone to Duke.

Okay, maybe my yearning for snow is not quite that extreme, but if you have not noticed yet, I am a snow-addict. Yes, I love snow, and I think that the few times the weatherman predicts the weather correctly, we should celebrate by staying in bed, drinking hot chocolate, and sledding and building snowmen. Whatever the case, we should have a snow day.

By March, with Spring Break and an annual trip to the beach, most of the wishes for snow seem to fade as bikinis are being pulled out of the back of closets. And even I agree that it is time for spring to begin. But it is never too late to enjoy a few snow showers, and since they so seldom come, shouldn’t it be common courtesy to cancel school. Would one day less really be such a loss?

By: Vicky Waldthausen