There’s not much I can say to prepare you for the following video, except get ready to feel inspired to get over the hump that is Wednesday. Two more days of class will feel like nothing after watching everyone’s favorite hero, Tyler Hansbrough, helping a Chapel Hill youngster find her puppy.

Personally, I loved this (but then again, I love anything with Hansbrough involved). I love how AT&T banks on the fact that he is the big man on campus and has the cell phone number of everyone in Chapel Hill (you don’t have mine, but it’s available if you’re reading, Tyler). Despite not actually doing anything but sending a mass text to the entire town, he does seem emotionally invested in the search for the dog, as the victorious fist pump and personal delivery of the pet denote. I even love the little v-neck Tyler’s rocking here, a rare sight for the man mostly seen in a jersey. Finally, this video clearly takes place in our lovely town, and who doesn’t love Chapel Hill representin’ on a national commercial?

-Andrea Marchiano