Project 365 is a year-long blog series about being a senior at Carolina, going through the senior bucket list, job search, applying to graduate school and just life in general, told in countdown form.

Welcome back to Carolina, Class of 2011. I hope you all had a wonderful summer and now it’s time to take on our senior year.  Walking around campus the first Tuesday of the semester was very surreal.  Of course I had classes to go to and of course this first day of class was like any other first day of class, except I had a strange feeling because as much as I didn’t want to let myself think about it, this is the last time I’ll be doing the whole first day back after summer thing.  But along with the repressed ache at the knowledge that this is ending, I was also feeling quite bold.  Hey, I’m a senior!  I’m invincible!

However… the universe decided that for some reason, this notion of my superiority over the shenanigans this university can pull (um, hello Connect Carolina) was completely unfounded and I was submitted to a few quasi-humbling experiences.  First I nearly tripped up the stairs at the UL twice and then, despite being a senior, I was forced to use a MAP to find one of my classes. It was embarrassing.

I guess that’s what I get for thinking I’m a big shot.

As far as working on my bucket list, I haven’t made any serious progress, though later this week I’ll be hitting up Jesse’s Coffee in Carrboro.  Hope you all had a great start to the semester!!

223 Days, Class of 2011!  Get excited!

– Samantha Ryan