Die arbeit is once again one of those super basic German words you learn right off the bat when you start learning German because it means “work,” and there isn’t a lot to say about it.

I have officially been in Berlin for a week at this point and have only 11 weeks to go before I am done with my internship. I feel like it’s going to fly by and before I know it, I’ll be heading home. Because this is a public blog, I’m not going to talk a lot about my internship, but I will say that my first day was about getting acquainted with the workplace and I was lucky enough to have gone through training with another intern instead of by myself. If you want to see what I wore for my first day, I took a picture:

I joke that I have yet to see my apartment in the daylight, but it was true up until yesterday. By the time I get home from work, it’s dark outside and I have to bury my face in my scarf like a turtle while I scurry home as quickly as possible to get warm.

On Thursday I broke the monotony of coming home freezing and just cuddling in my blankets and going to bed by inviting the other interns over for dinner and drinks. It was really fun to just chill out and get to know everyone, and I ate way too much delicious food. By the time the last of the interns left at midnight, I was so tired that I just passed out in my clothes and make-up and woke up the next morning to find my bedroom table looking like this:

This is sadly all the pictures I have because even though I did take pictures, I left the memory card in my computer, so none of them were saved. I hope that this becomes a weekly gathering though, so then I’ll have pictures to share n Germany you pay Pfand when you buy bottled drinks, and then you get that money back when you return the bottles to the store, so I’m looking forward to some extra pocket change next time I go shopping!

On Friday, I was really lame and stayed home to watch “16 and Pregnant” on German MTV, which has German subtitles but keep the original voices. It’s really fun to see how they choose to translate certain American colloquialisms into German.

On Saturday, I awoke to a text from one of my co-workers asking if I wanted to go jogging around the city in 30 minutes or so. She came to my place and we jogged around some of the running paths in Berlin, and it was gorgeous. Even though it was windy and a little rainy, my hoodie kept me warm and we found this awesome cemetery with pieces of the wall still intact. We followed the river that runs through Berlin and goes through all the main tourist attractions. It was really awesome to run by the Berlin Hauptbahnhof and the Berliner Dom. We decided to end our jog when we got to this gorgeous golden synagogue in one of my favorite sections of Berlin (that I unfortunately don’t know the name of!)

Then we decided to go grocery shopping and eat at a Turkish restaurant that my co-worker knew of. She insisted that I try the Gözleme, which is like a quesadilla with meat but without cheese and a different kind of bread. It was so good to have warm food in my stomach, since I have been eating mostly cheese and bread since I’ve been to Germany. Here’s a picture I found of it:

If you’re ever in Berlin, you should definitely try this. Actually, you should try all Turkish food when you’re in Berlin! I can already tell you there will be a blog devoted entirely to food in the near future. Until then, Tschüss!

-Miranda Murray