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Honor & Integrity Week: “Substance Abuse”

I remember studying for finals last semester and freaking out over my Biology exam. Turning to the help of a few of my smartest buddies, I went to their studying location and was shocked to find that my mastermind friends were high on various substances, including weed, caffeine pills, unprescribed ADD/ADHD medication and cigarettes. Some other kids came in, looking to buy, and another student talked about his future intention to make charts and graphs to determine the cost effectiveness of selling drugs (ADD/ADHD medicine and marijuana) versus getting a legal job. Most of these students are seriously considering becoming professionals in the healthcare industry. Needless to say, my confidence dropped in these future doctors’ ability to propagate physical and emotional well-being to others if they aren’t exemplifying healthful behavior on their own. These particular students posses near genius intelligence on paper (top GPAs in high school, A.P. credits, award winners), yet they deliberately choose to harm their bodies and brains, especially since coming to college.

I remember sitting at the desk, wondering is substance abuse the secret to success in college: using ADHD medicine to concentrate, inhaling pot to dull my anxieties, taking caffeine pills to stay alert and awake, smoking cigarettes to take the edge off. I struggle in the sciences, and just a few weeks before, I experienced a sudden attack of panic because I had spent 13 hours working on a biology lab report and still received a devastating and unacceptable D. Seeing the smartest of my friends on a myriad of drugs made me feel even more inadequate. Sober, I struggle to make an A, so I can’t imagine how appalling the effect would be on my scholastic performance if I started taking drugs, not to mention how drastically drugs would negatively alter the status of my health! Carolina isn’t known as a “party school” and students at Carolina aren’t known to be the biggest party animals; on the contrary, we uphold an image of sophistication and brilliance. Under the pressure to live up to the expectation of collegiate success, some students turn to legal/illegal substances to make it through. They turn to drugs to relax, to concentrate, to remain awake, or to turn off their churning brains.

Let’s explore some healthier and legal options, such as working out (provides a natural high, providing both energy and relaxation) or meditating (provides relaxation and relieves stress). Eating a piece of chocolate or drinking ONE glass of red wine are both good for the heart and provides relaxation. Hanging out with friends, listening to music, practicing a hobby like a sport or crafting… these all provide outlets to release stress. As far as staying awake, vitamin B is a natural supplement that some find energizing. Make healthful choices when eating, and stay hydrated with water for natural alertness. Caffeine is addictive, and yellow stains on teeth are unattractive, so try to nix soda and coffee in favor of vitamin B supplements and fruits and veggies. Also, if you are really stressed out there’s NO shame in talking to a health and wellness counselor. Having someone listen to all of my problems without judgment or interruption and help me make and follow life goals is a productive and healthy alternative to self-medication through substance abuse. Throughout the week, we study relentlessly for exams, listen to our professors lecture us for hours on end, and write long, eloquent papers, so by Friday we are ready to let loose.

Though Carolina isn’t a “party school,” we still like to have fun and party with a “work hard, play hard” attitude. Most first-years aren’t 21, and most sophomores aren’t 21. Yet, the most popular activity to do on the weekends is socialize with alcoholic beverages. I’m not here to preach to you about the legal age. All I want to convey is being safe and smart about drinking. Obviously, don’t leave your cup unattended because date rape drugs may be slipped into them. Don’t drink to the point of blacking out because you may be more likely to engage in unwanted sexual relations, or get used by some jerk and feel horrible in the morning that you can’t remember what happened. Try to make sure to check up on your buddy and leave with the SAME buddy you came with. If you meet someone and want to hook up, know that drinking can influence your decision to hook up with someone you may not ordinarily hook up with while sober, and make sure your buddy is okay with you leaving without her. Make sure she has a safe way home. Use condoms to avoid unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Have the number to Safe Ride plugged into your phone. Also, AT&T has a program that allows its GPS to find you if you are in an unsafe situation. Just remember that excessive drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning, and no one feels like spending the night in the hospital having his or her stomach pumped and dealing with the academic penalization of underage drinking when caught. Be smart about your alcohol consumption.

A variety of safe and healthful options exist that provide the same high that can be obtained by substances. If you want to compete in cuteness and energy with the energizer bunny, grab your iPod and take a jog or don a one-piece swimsuit and swim laps in a pool. While your new hot bod will ensure head turns and stares from everyone on campus, you’ll be striding around with boundless energy. If you want to feel as relaxed as if in the sand with an umbrella drink (virgin strawberry daiquiri!) in hand, or concentrate with the fervor of a monk sitting in meditation, take a yoga class on Franklin. Holding the body in long poses and concentrating on one spot on the wall will stop your mind from spinning, and teach you to concentrate on one subject at a time (i.e. spot on wall). You will not only be relaxed after a session, but you’ll also have a natural way to learn how to concentrate, instead of pills. I hope these tips help for you because I too struggle with needing energy and also feel stressed all the time, but I’ve been able to cope with my stressors by following some of my own suggestions! Try it!

-Kristen Cubero

Honor & Integrity Week: “Technology”

“File sharing” may sound like an innocuous term, but on UNC’s campus, it is a violation of the Honor Code.  Students who are caught illegally downloading material from the Internet face serious repercussions. And violations are not always as evident as one might think.

Information Technology Services (ITS) was in the Pit last Wednesday for the “Technology” part of Honor and Integrity Week, which was celebrated last Monday through Friday.  The goal of Honor and Integrity Week was to bring awareness to the Honor Code, which involves both cheating and conduct cases, says Outreach Coordinator Allison Hoover. According to a handout distributed at the event, the goal of “Technology” day was to “find out safe, legal ways to listen to the music you love while also discovering how technology applies to the Honor Code.”

However, during a discussion with Ben Bressman, an information security analyst with ITS, it became evident that violating the University’s technology policy – and the law – may not be so clear-cut. For years, campaigns have been waged against illegally downloading music or pirated movies.  However, file sharing is not always as obvious as illegally downloading a song. It has a much broader definition than many students realize.

Copyright and acceptable use policies create strict guidelines for file sharing.  In other words, “if you don’t have the right to redistribute content, you can’t,” Bressman says. When UNC students download copyright-protected content, it is shared on the Internet – a violation of the law. Copyright-protected content can include an incredibly wide range of media.  Music, movies, pictures and TV shows are often protected by copyright laws, which make it illegal to download them.  Even academic journals can be copyright protected.

Bressman says that students usually get caught downloading something they could have gotten for free. For example, students often download popular TV shows illegally that they could have viewed legally – and for free – on sites such as Hulu.

Illegal file sharing has concrete consequences.  If a copyright holder complains about a file-sharing incident, ITS shuts off the offending student’s network access.  In order to have their network access reinstated, offenders must first finish a quiz and then meet with ITS to discuss the matter.

First offenses occur fairly frequently.  According to Bressman, recently there were 45 first offenses in one week alone.  Although this number is unusually high, it does happen. After a second offense, students must take a quiz, meet with ITS and pay a visit to the Dean of Students Office.  Second offenses are less common, but they happen occasionally. However, the third offense means a painful consequence:  permanently losing network privileges. Bressman says he has yet to see that happen.

It is easy to protect yourself from facing violations of both the Honor Code and the law.  Pay for music or listen to it on YouTube.  Watch TV shows on Hulu or network websites.  Do not distribute academic journals without being granted permission.  And if you are ever unsure of rules regarding downloading or distributing content, read a website’s acceptable use policy or visit

If you take the right steps now, you can avoid a trip to ITS – and possibly having your Internet access shut off for good.

-Georgia Cavanaugh

Honor & Integrity Week: “Plagiarism”

UNC Chapel Hill is among America’s greatest universities dedicated to knowledge, change for the better, and excellence (but we all knew that). From Monday, February 14 to Friday, February 18, events as part of the annual Honor & Integrity Week are taking place in the Pit, hosted by the university’s Honor System. Different themes will be addressed everyday, including the dangers of plagiarism, safe use of technology on campus, and the truths about substance abuse. The event is committed to raising awareness about the importance of following the Honor Code and university rules as well as recruiting first-year and sophomore students to join the Honor Court. The Honor Court is a selective group of UNC community members who hear cases dealing with Honor Code violations.

On Monday, Chancellor Thorp hosted the Opening Ceremony and spoke briefly about Carolina’s Honor Code. The Honor Pledge also became available to students who wished to sign it and uphold their unwavering promise of practicing honor and integrity.











Tuesday’s Honor & Integrity theme dealt with “Plagiarism”. Coordinator Allison Hoover organized a trivia competition between members of the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council. The Loreleis even made a brief guest appearance at Tuesday’s H&I in order to celebrate and promote the special event. The performance was led by seniorMarianne Cheng. The all-female acapella group rocked their “Pit Sing” and ended with final shouts of “Celebrate Honor & Integrity week!”

Sample Trivia Questions (see answers at bottom):

1) What does AG stand for?

2) What is the difference between normal probation and alcohol probation?

3) What is the usual sanction for a DUI?








Left to Right: Trivia Competition; Loreleis’ performance

Answers to Sample Trivia:

1) Attorney General

2) Normal probation has to do with different offenses dealing with alcohol, while alcohol probation specifically acts to penalize as well as help relieve those who engage in alcohol-related misconduct.

3) One-semester suspension

-Wendy Lu

Overheard in the Pit

Girl (To her friend): When we get home, do you want to go stand by the toilet?

Girl: Man, I should really start wearing more underwear…

Boy: To this day, Airbud is still seriously the saddest movie that I’ve
ever seen.

Boy (to Pit Preacher as he is walking away): I love you!
Pit Preacher (turning around angrily and pointing at him): You don’t know what love is!

Ad on the television in the Union from Campus
Health Services:
“Chuck Norris’s tears can cure H1N1. Unfortunately, Chuck Norris never cries. Learn how to prevent the swine flu.”

-Brecken Branstrator

Rainy Monday in the Pit

Girl: So what’s up for Saturday?
Boy: Oh yea, it should be good…I’m sorry you’re not invited to this. It’s very segregated, a boys-only thing. Girls are disgusting, you know?

Boy 1: Hey tell me what happened. I got your text that was like “f*** I’ve been arrested”
Boy 2: You were arrested?!?
Boy 3: Yeeaaa…

Girl 1: It kills me when people spend money on drugs.
Boy: That’s why I’m trying to make some money.
Girl 1: So you can spend it on drugs?
Boy: uh…
Girl 2: I hate people, they’re so dumb.

Girl 1: Hey!
Girl 2: What’s up?
Girl 1: Every time I see you you’re sad.
Girl 2: Every time you see me I’m either in Carroll or thinking about going to Carroll.
Girl 1: Aren’t you a journalism major though?
Girl 2: yea…

Girl: You know the lollipops that destroy the roof of your mouth?
Boy: Uh… blow pops?
Girl: Well yea, there are lots of them that do it. They tear up your mouth for like two days. But I do it anyways.

Overheard in the Pit

Girl 1: I was watching Discovery Health the other day and this woman gave birth to her baby in a tub. It was crazy.

Girl 2: Whoa, how does the baby breathe when it comes out though? It’s under water, right?
Girl 1: Well they’re still atta—
Girl 2: Oh, yeah, duh, babies have gills when they’re born, sorry.
Girl 1: …
Girl 2: Right?
Girl 1: I’m not even going to respond to that.

Environmentalist: Excuse me, do you have a minute for the environment?
Boy: No, sorry, I’m on my way to class and I’m running late.
[Boy proceeds to enter the Union and get in long line at Alpine Bagel Café]

Girl: Did you hear the “Talk Sex with Sue” lady is coming to Memorial Hall?
Boy: She’s so hot.

Girl: Oh my god, I was driving yesterday and the Cluck-U chicken attacked my window.
Girl 2: What? I can’t believe they let chickens just go free on the sidewalk!
Boy: I think she means the dude in the chicken suit.
Girl 2: Oh. Well they still shouldn’t let it wander around like that.

Boy: [to clearly angry girlfriend] Do you want to go home?
Girl: Do you want to shut the f*** up?

Girl 1: I totally just failed that test.
Girl 2: Really? I thought it was kind of easy. I knew every multiple choice except one, and the essay was on the same thing that I’m writing my paper on. I think I got an A.
Girl 1: Seriously? Seriously. Shut up.

Girl: I love cheese. Can you get addicted to cheese? I think I am. Do you think we could find some mozzarella sticks? Ugh, I love melted cheese.

Boy 1: You should have seen this girl last night. She was all over me at PT’s.
Boy 2: Did you get her number?
Boy 1: No, it was weird she said she didn’t have a cell phone, but then I saw her texting someone later.
Boy 2: Weird.

Girl 1: Hey! How are you?
Girl 2: I’m so hung over. And I lost my shoes while I was out last night.

[on the phone]
Boy: No, mom, I didn’t do my paper yet.

By: Erin Locker

Pit Stop

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Boy: Does your family still give presents to the family pet?
Girl: Yes (said in disgust). And, my mom is still all about giving my brother and me presents from ‘Santa Claus.’ Jesus, we’re old enough to drink with Santa Claus.

Girl: I love Southern gay men. They’re always like, ‘Bless, your heart,’ and ‘Jesus, you’re beautiful.’
Boy: Yeah. There’s always a Christian twist to them.

Boy: You know, drinking makes things more fun. And you know, smoking gets you high. But, I just don’t like sitting around watching TV and not doing anything.
Girl: Truth.

By Anna Feagan

Pit Stop

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Girl 1: I was looking in the mirror and I realized… I so need to get my eyebrows done today.
Girl 2: Oh, yeah, me, too. And as soon as I get them done, I’m going to be ahhh pretty!

Girl 1:
I have to get into Chem232 in order to get to med school next year.
Girl 2: Hey, I like this, I have connections.
Boy: Hah, what?
Girl 2: She’s my doctor, she’s my dentist and you can be my financial analyst.
Girl 3: Wait. What about me?
Girl 2: Oh, yeah, true. Well, I guess you could be my psychologist when I get older.

Girl 1: OK, I have to go to class now.
Friends: [silence]
Girl 1: I want you to get up and walk me to class. I’m asking you. Will you get up and walk me to class?
Girl 2: OK. Well we’re all sitting here.
Girl 1: Well, what am I going to do!? Ergh. You mean I have to walk to class by myself?

By Shannon Spain

Pit Stop

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Girl: I voted today!
Boy: Voted for what?

(It is kind of dark outside, and a guy is skateboarding in the Pit.)
Boy: I’m OK. Everything is OK.
(He limps away…)

Girl 1: With all of this Presidential stuff, I, like, haven’t heard a  thing about International events. You know, like Darfur.
Girl 2: What’s a darfur?
Girl 1: And apparently you haven’t either.

By Vicky Waldthausen

Pit Stop

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(Boy to Girl eating a bagel with cream cheese)
Boy: You left a puddle of slobber on my futon.
Girl (laughs, spraying the Pit with cream cheese)
Boy: And that is almost equally as appetizing.

Girl: Never play drunken charades.
Boy: Why?
Girl: I almost got hit by a car reenacting Abbey Road.

(Boy walking through the Pit listening to his iPod)
Boy: My best friend said, “Oh she’s just being Miley…”

By Vicky Waldthausen