Well… I would have had a quad-time book review for you, except I didn’t spend too much time in the quad this week. Why?  Plant sex.

The pollen this year has gotten to be quite a nuisance for everyone who exists around campus and it always shocks me when I get to my car in the afternoons and find that instead of a nice, shiny silver, it is thoroughly yellow. It does not help that the road on which I park my car is lined with high-pollen producing trees.

But what is with this year?  Alright, I am certainly no native of central North Carolina so I have limited pollen seasons to compare with, and honestly I have been blessed to have not been affected by allergies in the past, but it seems that this year is exceptionally worse than last year.  Well… that’s because it is.   This is the worst pollen season since 2003.

What’s really behind the extreme pollen this year is a combination of weather factors, including the very cold winter we had back in January and February and the lack of any serious rain (and while Thursday night helped a little bit, it wasn’t enough). Unfortunately, there is little that we can do except hope for some rain. However, if the allergies have got you down, there are a few things you can do to ease your suffering:

  1. Stay indoors. Trees can’t pollinate the inside of your apartment as well as they can the outside.
  2. Keep your A/C running. The fan will filter out the air.
  3. Drink lots and lots of water.
  4. Over-the-counter allergy medications are available at Student Stores.
  5. If you’re up all night coughing because of your allergies, sleep on your stomach. It will help you sleep through the night.

Anyways, I hope this helps you all out.  This whole mess should be over in a few weeks.   I should be back next week with another review of something (I just got a bag full of reader’s copy books and I’m totally excited!).

– Samantha Ryan