Halloween Costumes on the Cheap

For Halloween this year, I am dressing up as Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island. My costume is a checkered shirt, denim shorts and plain Keds. The total cost of my outfit was $4—I just had to grab a $4 shirt from Goodwill to complete the look. The key is to think of costumes you can create from basic closet essentials. Here are some great costume ideas for little (or no!) cost.

  1. Blair from Gossip Girl: She’s the epitome of Upper East Side prep. Channel back to her days at Constance Billard School for Girls and start with a navy skirt. Wear a white button-up shirt tucked in and a string of pearls (faux will do). Top with a flashy headband. Finish the look with knee socks and high heeled shoes of your choice.
  2. Little Red Riding Hood: Go to any costume store and get a red cape (just because it’s red doesn’t mean it’s only meant for superheroes). Wear a white shirt and a gray skirt with flats. It’s easier and cheaper than buying a complete costume.
  3. Angel. Walmart sells cute Halloween T-shirt costumes for less than $15, and the angel one is my favorite. The angel “costume” is a T-shirt with angel wings drawn on the back. The shirt comes with a halo.

-MaryAnn Barone