Looks from Anna Sui's line for Target, inspired by "Gossip Girl." http://www.chicintuition.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/anna-sui-and-target.jpg

Looks from Anna Sui's line for Target, inspired by "Gossip Girl." http://tinyurl.com/ygjnwqb

When I was younger, I loved playing dress up. I’m 21 now, and I think I still do it.

In the fifth grade, I had an outfit inspired by Britney Spears: black Gap skirt, white button-up shirt, knee-high socks and penny loafers. My mom made me give my beloved skirt away (I grew 8 inches and my skirt was no longer appropriate for an 11-year-old). For Halloween in high school, I was Posh Spice (sans David Beckham) and Cinderella (again, no Prince Charming).

Now in college, I still tweak my outfits for inspiration. I am a huge fan of novel headbands like Blair’s from Gossip Girl. I love Kate Moss’ tiny minidresses and Gwen Stefani’s red lipstick.

DuWop "Twilight" lip venom

DuWop "Twilight" lip venom

Designers have embraced the love of dressing up and made it more age appropriate. Disney now makes wedding dresses inspired by its princesses; Anna Sui designed a line for Target inspired by Gossip Girl; DuWop cosmetics makes a version of its popular Lip Venom based on Twilight. Have fun with fashion this fall. Draw inspiration from books and movies. If only for a day, live like your favorite character or celebrity, because dressing up never gets old.

-MaryAnn Barone