In a society that celebrates individual expression, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish where we should draw the line. Luckily, this week I’ve been on an honesty kick, calling it like I see it. So I am going to enlighten you – yes, you, the girl who wears see-through cotton leggings as pants. See-through cotton leggings are not pants, and if you refuse to cover your bum-bum with a dress, skirt, tunic or long camisole (wow, who knew! lots of options!) then just know that every time you pass by, more than one person will be mentally referring to you as Cellulite Cindy.

Have a perfect posterior? The innumerable repetitions you spend on the thigh and butt blaster machine still do not excuse you from wearing leggings as pants.

For those who crave a sleek silhouette and also want to also show off the booty, this can be achieved without exposing your wobbly bits to the world: Jean Leggings, or Jeggings. Now, this doesn’t mean you should go out and purchase cotton leggings that look like jeans. If you buy leggings that look like Jeans, you still must cover it up with a long shirt. The trick is getting dressed near a window with ample light, if you can see your underwear’s color or texture through the fabric, it’s time to layer up and cover that butt.

If you can see skin, cover up. Even if your cotton leggings are completely opaque, and you have the world’s juiciest backside, please cover up; it’s just not fashionable, and it’s sexier leaving a little to the imagination.

Back to the Jeggings, Jean leggings are jeans that have extra stretch in them. They are just as comfortable as leggings, but do not require you to cover up in the back because they aren’t revealing as cotton leggings. Some people have to go up a size when purchasing Jean leggings because they are very form fitting.

Cotton leggings should be treated as the sister of stockings or hosiery: undergarments meant to accessorize an outfit, not take the place of pants. So next time you are out shopping, don’t hesitate buying leggings, cause they are a wonderful fashion staple to have for accessorizing, but do hesitate to wear see through leggings without covering up that rump!

Don’t: Brown cotton leggings worn as pants. She is overexposed – I can see all of the dimples in her bottom and thighs. This outfit would be acceptable if her top was long enough to be a shirt-dress, and she incinerated her rainbow socks or wore boots long enough to cover the silly socks. Also, her boots should cover the exposed skin on the ankles, for a sleek, put together look.

Do! Express sells Jean leggings. This is a major do. These women look stylish and flawless because they have chosen to wear jeans that give them the slimming and shape-enhancing feel of leggings, and have the option of wearing a shirt that sits on the hips because their jean leggings are made of unrevealing fabric.

– Kristen Cubero