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Inception: “Take a Leap of Faith”

I have watched Inception a total count of four times so far. Not only is that about seven and a half hours’ worth of oogling at Leonardo Dicaprio, but also of viewing a spectacular film dealing with the human’s subconscious. “Inception” is about a spy named Cobb (Leo) who agrees in a deal to take on a highly dangerous job of entering dreams to extract information as well as perform “inception” in order to go back home to his children in America. He constructs a highly talented team to assist him with the task, but there’s a part of Cobb’s own subconscious that just may disrupt their plan for good.

The idea of inception and extraction through the subconscious and people interacting in their dreams are all very intriguing ideas, but not unheard of. However, the fact that they were able to pull this off realistically (in an ironic sort of way) in a movie is magnificent. Being able to change things in a fake reality however you want it? Move roads and make glass shatter and build a bridge simply by will? Innovative? Heck yes. As the team of dream experts are constantly trying to go deeper and deeper into their victim’s subconscious, Cobb himself has an inner battle going on within himself. What’s so crazy and brilliant about this is that while Cobb is the master at screwing around with minds, he can’t even control his own. 

The script is one of the most important factors in understanding this movie. Not only do the characters explain to each other (and thus to the audience as well) about the dream world (Aye! Who wants to take a vaca down in Limbo?), but constant repetition of the same motifs, in script as well as images (such as the spinning dreidel), helps everything make sense in the end. You don’t know why some characters whisper certain phrases like “take a leap of faith,” but as the plot develops and mysteries begin to unfold, there’s always a sense of deja vu that comes back. The words come to haunt us as they haunt the characters.

In addition, the visual effects are excellent and the action is non-stop. Without giving away too much, “Inception” definitely brings “fast-paced” up to a whole new level. You’ll jump at the edge of your seat, and drop your jaw without even knowing it. You become so connected with the characters and with who they are and their situations that it is nerve-wrecking, even mind-blowing, to constantly see them in danger. With every risk they take, you realize all the more how important this mission is, and how every one of them is willing to do anything to make sure that the team sees it through.

-Wendy Lu

Name That Movie (Better)

You ever wonder where writers come up with movie titles?

Half the time, the titles make sense and we understand what the movie is going to be about. “Date Night,” “Death at a Funeral” and especially “Hot Tub Time Machine” are pretty self-explanatory.

But there are some movie names that I just don’t get.

So I’m going to play a game. Looking at a list of movies coming out this summer, I’m gonna take a stab at what each one is about without having read a description or looked at the poster. Game on, Hollywood.

Mother's Day

“Iron Man 2” – The story of Iron Man’s son, Iron Man II.

“Letters to Juliet” – the follow-up to “Dear John.”

“Stone” – The Rock has an identity crisis.

“Mother’s Day” – a loving story about a family celebrating Mother’s Day.

“Robin Hood” – a white man named Robin moves to the Bronx. Hilarity and cultural understanding ensue.

“Shrek 4 Ever After” – Shrek becomes immortal.


“Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” – A prince must defeat an opponent in Pictionary before the sand in the timer runs out.

“Sex and the City 2” – everyone has sex twice?

“Killers” – A band of ordinary citizens are hired by the CIA to assassinate terrorists. “Mr. Brightside” plays in the background.

“Marmaduke” – a documentary of how the jam gets made, from the factory to your kitchen! Wait… that’s marmalade

“Splice” – Slacker bio majors start a pizza chain in NYC.

“Get him to the Greek” – A dude must transport another dude to Greece, perhaps to consult with the mythological Greek gods about an STD.

“The A-Team” – Well they had to name the movie this, no one would go watch the flippin’ C-Team.

Jonah Hex

“Jonah Hex” – Jonah Hill plays a cursed teenager.

“Grown Ups” – a spin-off of “Parenthood”?

“Eclipse” – Sequel to “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” but in documentary form. Morgan Freeman narrates.

“Knight and Day” – Story of an insomniac horseman.

“The Last Airbender” – Two hotshot Frisbee teams from opposite sides of the track face off to see who will rule the park (coincidentally positioned between their neighborhoods) for the summer.

“Leaves of Grass” – A gardener creates a mutant. It’s Frankenstein for the botanist.

“Predators” – Human traffickers are pursued by cops.

Despicable Me

“Despicable Me” – A serious, Oscar-worthy drama about a woman’s descent into drug use.

“Inception” – A porno?

“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” – Harry Potter looks back on his childhood. Dumbledore narrates.

“Ramona and Beezus” – A tale of two lovers. It is uncertain whether one of them is a cartoon.

“Salt” – Morgan Spurlock eats nothing but sodium for 30 days.

“Beastly” – Sequel to “Beauty and the Beast.” The Beast gets his revenge.


“I Love You Philip Morris” – It’s “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton,” but for guys.

“The Other Guys” – The ones who didn’t win a date with Tad Hamilton.

“Eat Pray Love” – An overweight, middle-aged woman comes to terms with her body, and life and religion in the process.

“Priest” – A church father looks back and tells his coming-of-age tale. Mel Gibson directs.

“Scott Pilgrim v. the World” – A grueling look at pilgrims coming over on the Santa Maria; they fight the Native Americans for territory.

“The Expendables” – Story of those who auditioned but didn’t get cast in “The A-Team.”

“Takers” – Shoplifters fight the system.

– Sonya Chudgar