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Leather, Sequins and Fur, oh my!

Zara Italia Shopper Combinata

Urban Outfitters Cooperative Spectator bag

Topshop Faux Fur Lock clutch

J.Crew Mongolian lamb tote bag


Zara Italia Citybag Manico Risvolto

J.Crew Galaxy purse

Here are a few of my favorite bags that capture the classic, simplicity of the season.

These clean-cut, structured totes are great because of their versatility. Pair the satchel bag with a pair of jeans and a sweater during the day, and transition it to a nighttime look by pairing it with a solid colored dress. These business-chic bags are trendy, but also practical. They are durable, timeless and not to mention spacious – elements of a worthy purchase.






I’ve also included a couple examples of a crucial trend this fall: fur. Unlike previous years, this season, fur is meant to make a big statement. I’m not talking about modesty here, fur is meant to be worn as outlandishly as one desires. See Chanel fall 2010 ready-to-wear below.  Chewbacca, anyone?


Ok, so maybe don’t go to this extreme, but I do love the absurdity of the J.Crew Mongolian lamb tote bag, a mere $795 splurge. Its over-the-top nature makes it a quick fix to any boring outfit. J.Crew really has beautiful bags this season; definitely check them out. The sequined black Galaxy purse is another of my favorites. Although less versatile than the others, this one truly makes a statement. Very Serena van der Woodsen, don’t you think? It’s glitzy, but just enough to be trendy and not tacky. The multiple gold chains give it the edginess that this season calls for. I find that mixing textures such as sequins, metal, fur or leather makes any outfit more sophisticated.

To conclude, look out for satchel, over-the-shoulder and multi-textured bags to zip up your wardrobe this season. Go back the basics and pair these items with whatever you want during the day and with neutral-colored looks at night. Don’t be afraid to go over the top with fur (according to the experts), but in Chapel Hill, I might just stick to modest fur accessories.


Fashion Forward

Hello readers!

I am an aspiring fashionista looking to experiment in the world of fashion blogging.  I will try to bring you style updates, new trends and hits of the season through pictures and commentary.  Although I admit I begin with little experience in this field, my main goal is to serve you.  Let me know what you think!


H&M- Cheap and Chic…without the chic

Been to the new H&M at Crabtree Mall in Raleigh yet? In my opinion, there are two words to describe it: Epic Tease.  The cheap and trendy retail store that has finally made its way to North Carolina is stocked with cotton, oversized t-shirts and sweaters that might be easily confused with pajamas.  Don’t get me wrong, if you’re looking for some good basics, H&M is the place to go.  But where’s the trendy, unique pieces that make you think, “Yes! I’m going to look fashionable and no one will know that I spent $30 on this outfit”? It’s hard to tell whether the store was out of stock, headquarters sent nothing to the new Raleigh location or H&M just has a weak collection for the spring.

Your thoughts?

Despite the green haze that seems to be covering everything these days, spring is absolutely the best season for color. I have a habit of ripping out pages of magazines when I see things that I like.  Here’s a collection of what I consider essentials for the season:

A good pair of comfy peep-toe heels are crucial because a) they go with everything and b) they show off your perfectly manicured toes (duh). Make sure they’re comfy!

Michael Kors and Stuart Weitzman

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

Forever 21

Another essential for the spring: a little decorated jacket with details on the shoulders. It’s the perfect accent to any outfit. HINT: If you’re looking for something a little more towards your price range, check out old trusty Forever 21. Forev is so great, isn’t it?

Yigal Azrouel

Saks Fifth Avenue

Cut-outs. Asymmetric slivers of missing cloth equals sexy, chic dresses. These dresses are flattering on everyone because they draw the eye to your exposed skin! I am also all about showing off your shoulders.  One-shoulder dresses are effortlessly classy.

Comfy-cute is the way to go, especially given everyone’s busy lifestyles.  You can make an effortlessly chic outfit with 3 ingredients: a decorated t-shirt, a patterned skirt and a belt. Accessories also help if you’re looking to add a little more pizzazz.

And who would’ve thought the jean-jacket could make a come back?  Love it.

J. Crew

Sequins. Tibi Begonia Sequin Dress – hot, hot, hot. It’s casual, dressy, flirty and classy – what’s not to love? The shoes are great as well.


Scarves. Thanks, Diana, for letting me stalk you down to take a pic!  I love the way she has the scarf wrapped around her neck; it’s almost like a necklace.  This is easy and it adds so much flavor to the outfit.  By the way, her bag is from Ecuador (how cool!).

Diana Amaya

And finally (drum roll please)….

Designer of the Week: Valentino’s Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear Collection (my personal fave)!

With nostalgic ruffles, big bows and glimmering textures, this collection takes baby-doll chic to the next level.

Also notice the details on the backs of the shoes. Ahhh so great!

– Eloise Hamilton