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A Southern Season

Every college kid hopes that when Mom and Dad come to see them for Parent’s Weekend, they will leave us with a few newly printed faces of Andrew Jackson to replenish our flimsy looking wallets. Running low on cash is always a problem for college students. And, I have to admit that I took advantage of my parents while they were in town to stock up on all the Carolina paraphernalia that I ‘needed.’

Luckily, the arrival of my parents also meant going out to dinner. While Spanky’s and Pepper’s are nice places to go, I wanted to go beyond walking distance of campus. I consequently directed my parents to nearby University Mall, where I was privileged to experience the wonders of A Southern Season.

A Southern Season

If you have never been to A Southern Season, imagine Dean & Deluca on steroids. A Southern Season is an exquisite store, with an unimaginable selection of gourmet specialty foods.  It has been declared, “wall to wall and floor to ceiling…a visual gustatory delight!” by The New York Times, and has been reviewed by additional magazines such as Southern Living, Gourmet Retailer, and Travel and Leisure.

After passing an intricate selection of teas, cheeses, and kitchen supplies, that are all, of course, not within the budget of a college student, the store extends to reveal aisles filled with sweets, sauces, and any foreign delicacies you can imagine. Any exchange student missing familiar tastes from their own country will relish in the variety of selections offered and most likely find more than enough supplies to cook their favorite homemade meal.

The Weathervane, the restaurant belonging to A Southern Season, is the perfect place to fill your empty stomach after spending time shopping in the store. Not only is the selection of food delicious (I had the Pumpkin Ravioli, which I strongly encourage anyone not allergic to pumpkin to try), but the service is friendly and quick. And if you are not in the mood for a big meal, just stop by The Weathervane Coffee for a refreshing Frappuccino.

And girls: if you haven’t gotten the memo about the extremely fashionable Vera Bradley Zip ID Case to hold your UNC OneCard and keys, you can stock up at A Southern Season. So college students, take advantage of your parents when they are in town, or just spoil yourselves on a Friday night, and drive to A Southern Season to experience a evening of gourmet delight.

By Vicky Waldthausen

Pit Stop

Click for a live image of The Pit.

Girl: I like Lenoir because of the M&M(R) cookies.
Boy: I think I like it because I was conceived there.

Girl 1: I’m so stressed out I have so many people coming into town this weekend.
Girl 2: For Parents’ Weekend?
Girl 1: Yeah, and I would need to hook up with like the whole team for that many tickets.
Girl 2: [awkwardly laughs]
Girl 1: I just don’t feel like it this week, maybe one or two of them but that’s probably not going to be enough.

Boy [tall, muscular, athletic, and alone]: Man… I lost my retainer.

By Madeleine Clark