You may (or may not have) noticed the new “Cuff Links on the Quad” photo column in Blue and White. The purpose of the column is simple – to seek out those diligent individuals who put a little thought into what they’re wearing each day when it is so very easy to don a uniform of Carolina sweatpants and a hoodie on a daily basis.

The idea isn’t to find the quirkiest trend or the loudest personal fashion, because being ostentatious doesn’t necessarily equate to, you know, “looking good.” After all, as YSL put it, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.”  Style is in the details, it requires paying attention and being thoughtful, and I’ve found that perfect buttons, excellent proportions, and great color pairings can be hard (read: impossible) to relate in a 2×3 black and white photo.

Thus the blog component of the column. While the inspiration from Scott Schuman’s Sartorialist blog (if you don’t follow it, I suggest you begin immediately) should be obvious, the online portion will hopefully also serve as a medium to see more of your peers, in larger pictures and in color. Pictures will hopefully ultimately be posted several times a week, but as things gear up it may not be that often. But check, check often, and dress your best, I’ll probably awkwardly accost you in a crowded place. And I promise, amidst the sea of Carolina blue and Rainbows (not that there’s anything wrong with it) there are valiant souls who look pretty damn good.

By Liz Mundle