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Leather, Sequins and Fur, oh my!

Zara Italia Shopper Combinata

Urban Outfitters Cooperative Spectator bag

Topshop Faux Fur Lock clutch

J.Crew Mongolian lamb tote bag


Zara Italia Citybag Manico Risvolto

J.Crew Galaxy purse

Here are a few of my favorite bags that capture the classic, simplicity of the season.

These clean-cut, structured totes are great because of their versatility. Pair the satchel bag with a pair of jeans and a sweater during the day, and transition it to a nighttime look by pairing it with a solid colored dress. These business-chic bags are trendy, but also practical. They are durable, timeless and not to mention spacious – elements of a worthy purchase.






I’ve also included a couple examples of a crucial trend this fall: fur. Unlike previous years, this season, fur is meant to make a big statement. I’m not talking about modesty here, fur is meant to be worn as outlandishly as one desires. See Chanel fall 2010 ready-to-wear below.  Chewbacca, anyone?


Ok, so maybe don’t go to this extreme, but I do love the absurdity of the J.Crew Mongolian lamb tote bag, a mere $795 splurge. Its over-the-top nature makes it a quick fix to any boring outfit. J.Crew really has beautiful bags this season; definitely check them out. The sequined black Galaxy purse is another of my favorites. Although less versatile than the others, this one truly makes a statement. Very Serena van der Woodsen, don’t you think? It’s glitzy, but just enough to be trendy and not tacky. The multiple gold chains give it the edginess that this season calls for. I find that mixing textures such as sequins, metal, fur or leather makes any outfit more sophisticated.

To conclude, look out for satchel, over-the-shoulder and multi-textured bags to zip up your wardrobe this season. Go back the basics and pair these items with whatever you want during the day and with neutral-colored looks at night. Don’t be afraid to go over the top with fur (according to the experts), but in Chapel Hill, I might just stick to modest fur accessories.


Accessory Before the Fact

Hello again blog world,

This post (accidentally) turned out to be an accessory guide! From bright colored scarves to sporty watches and fun purses – I’ve posted some accessories you’re not going to want to miss.

But first…

Lots of news from Chapel Hill happenings!

How many of you were at the GenerAction concert on April 12? Anoop Desai performed as an opener to Sean Kingston, and from a fashion aspect, he and his band members looked great! They all wore white tops, black ties and black slacks  —so classy. Anoop stood out in his violet button down and “stunna shades,” as one of my friends called them. He awed the audience with his soulful R&B voice and especially with his performance of “Carolina in My Mind.” Despite Anoop’s Hollywood status, he couldn’t deny his Chapel Hill roots.

I also met some fashion-forward ladies at the concert:

Ayana Allen, a senior at UNC, popped in a yellow scarf from H&M, a hand-me-down dress and a Puma clutch from Jamaica.  She looked magnificently glowing in the afternoon sun. Ayana is the perfect example of how accessories can completely illuminate an outfit!

Lucia Huddleston, a freshman at UNC, rocked an awesome over-the-shoulder Melie Bianco bag. Fendi knockoff?? Looks like it to me. Beige is the best color for shoulder bags because no matter what you’re wearing- they go with everything!

Speaking of over-the-shoulder bags, a one-stop shop for all your slouchy bag needs (not to mention my favorite store in the universe): Zara.

Never heard of Zara? It’s a Spanish based store that has trickled over to the U.S. Unfortunately, it has only made its way to big cities (the closest one is in Atlanta).  But Zara’s trendy and high quality products are timeless and guaranteed to spice up any outfit.

Here are a couple over-the-shoulder, envelope and doctor bag purses from Zara’s website: Notice the details on each.

Here’s something else I’ve been drooling over recently: bright colored watches – a must-have for the season. Everyone is familiar with (or owns) the Michael Kors watch, so why not do something different and try a DKNY watch? Like I’ve said before, this season is all about color. Check out these rockin’ hues:

And to top off your v-neck tee, tank top, cover up (I’m trying to ensue that this can be worn casually!) layer up with a chain necklace like this one from J.crew.  Take my advice: don’t be timid! Wear it with anything and everything. You’ll be sure to get a couple glances your way (from people you want to get glances from).

Now it’s time for…

Designer of the Week: Emporio Armani’s spring 2010 ready-to-wear

This collection is so diverse.  He incorporated polka dots, stripes, neon, draped scarves, splatter paint-type prints and so much more.  He really captures the youthfulness of the season.  This collection is all about having fun and daring to wear those colors you might be hesitant to wear!

That’s all!

Until next week,

Eloise Hamilton